Game Over; Don’t Forget the Snacks!

Let’s face it, our young athletes are dedicated and committed and giving their 100%, but when it comes down to it, they care, A LOT, about the post game snack! And we’ve all seen it…kids get off the field, smiling … Continued

It’s 4:30am…”Mom, Please, I’m NOT Hungry!”

  The Early Morning Game dilemma…and what’s worse, at our house, it’s a daily early morning practice! My daughter gets up at 4:30am to figure skate before school. Like her, many young athletes; swimmers, water polo players, rowers and hockey players all … Continued

What’s for Breakfast? Fried Rice? Why not!

Do you ever have breakfast for Dinner? We have breakfast for dinner about every other week at our house, because both of my kids love it and make healthy choices! So why not Fried Rice for Breakfast? Fried rice can … Continued

Getting Young Athletes to Eat Like Champions

  Kids love sports…and these days youth sports are taken VERY seriously. My 7 year old plays hockey 5 days a week, and my 12 year old is up at 4:30am all week to figure skate before school! Americans spend … Continued