Perfect Pre-Game Anything Mini Muffins

My son’s hockey team LOVES these muffins! I make banana, pumpkin or blueberry muffins for their pre-game snack. They usually eat them in the locker room while they get dressed an hour before game time. These muffins have a perfect … Continued

Happy Holidays!

Doctor Jacq hopes you Have a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy 2014!

My Kid Won’t Eat Healthy Foods! Tips for Success

  As parents, we strive to feed our children the best food possible. We understand studies have shown the impact of food on a child’s academic and athletic performance, as well as their overall energy level and even their immune … Continued

Healthy Holiday Appetizers? If You Insist

OK, I must confess I am not a huge believer in “Healthy Holidays;” I mean, come on, I eat healthy most of the year and exercise religiously, so the Holidays for me are THE TIME to indulge in those treats … Continued

On the Road Again…Tournament Eating, Part 2

Last time we talked about eating for tournaments and the importance of being PREPARED So today, we will go shopping for that important away tournament. As a parent of 2 young athletes, I am well aware of how expensive athletic fees, … Continued

On the Road Again…Tournament Eating, Part 1

Tournaments… often times the culmination of hours and hours of intense practice and diligent training. Tournament days or weekends can involve multiple games over multiple days, and the key to success is PREPARATION. All that hard work will be for … Continued

Product Review: Bonk Breaker Energy Bar

  Do you know what a “Bonk” is? When speaking about endurance sports, according to Wikipedia, “hitting the wall,” or the “bonk” describes a “condition caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles which manifests itself by precipitous … Continued