Move Over Bessie! The Scoop on Non-Dairy Milks

Good old Bessie has competition from milks made from other parts of the farm. Besides soy, almond and coconut “milks,” you might find some new comers at you neighborhood grocery store; milks now made from nuts, seeds and grains are … Continued

Top off Your Tank With These Pre-Game Snacks!

What you eat every day can have a big impact on how you perform. Consistency is KEY! What you eat right before an event can also be critical…do NOT sabotage all your hard work by eating the wrong things at … Continued

Have a Healthy and Happy Passover/Easter!

My favorite thing about this time of year…Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day is BRUNCH! Bubbly drinks, fancy egg dishes, spring soups and fresh green salads; what’s not to like! Today I decided to share some of my favorite brunch recipes: a … Continued

Time-Saving Tips for Easy Healthy Weeknight Meals

Let’s face it, it’s NOT an easy task to get weeknight dinners on the table. Between work, carpool, housework and kids’ extra-curricular activities, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of the schedule and make healthy family meals a reality. … Continued

Kind Bars- Be Kind to Yourself and the World

I love KIND bars; I’ve been eating them for years, and when I decided to write a review and looked into the company, I was even happier! The company has a clear message of kindness and social responsibility. The company … Continued

Healthy Eating on a Budget; YES, It Can Be Done!

I get asked frequently why it’s “so expensive” to eat healthy. Well, let’s think about that…do you buy the LEAST expensive car and expect luxury? Do you assume you will pay very little for your house and it will be … Continued