It’s Summer Time: It’s Strawberry Time!

We are lucky here in California to be able to get strawberries pretty much year round, but there’s nothing like a sweet, ripe, juicy Summer strawberry! Strawberries are serious nutrition power houses- they boast plenty of fiber, more vitamin C … Continued

Special Considerations for Female Athletes

You’ve heard that “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” but does this hold true for young athletes? Beyond puberty, we start to see some important differences between young males and females. Female athletes can suffer from specific conditions … Continued

Cheerios Protein…Really?

Protein, protein, protein…what is the fascination with protein? With cereal sales dropping the last few years (we now have the almighty Greek yogurt and even eggs have regained respect), Cheerios are jumping on the “protein for health” bandwagon. After all, … Continued