Chocolate Milk in Sports Nutrition; Yes Please!

Ahh, chocolate milk…cold, creamy, delicious and chocolate…a childhood staple. Chocolate milk has gotten a bad rap in the past few years and has even been blamed in part for the childhood obesity epidemic, prompting legislation to remove chocolate milks from … Continued

My Son/Daughter Has Knee Pain: Is It Osgood-Schlatter?

Osgood-Schlatter (OS)…sounds ominous, but it’s actually the most common cause of knee pain in children. It occurs most often in children participating in sports that involve running, jumping or quick direction changes; think soccer, basketball, even figure skating and ballet. … Continued

Tips to Stay on Track With Your Healthy Eating!

I think summer is a tough time to stay on track with healthy eating; vacations, kids at home, beach, pools, cocktails…need I say more? Today we’re going to discuss some tried-and-true tricks to help keep you eating healthy this summer. 1. … Continued

Summer Time is Tomato Time!

Ahhh, summer…finally here, and nothing says summer like tomatoes. I’ve tried to grow them myself a couple of times, but our dog Cody apparently LOVES them (he grabbed them all, but only when they turned red, little stinker) Luckily,  tomatoes … Continued

Eating Out? Eat HealthyOut!

We know it’s challenging to find places that provide fast, affordable, healthy foods, so I’ve always encouraged parents to cook more at home. But let’s face it, Johnny has lacrosse practice from 3-5pm and Jamie has soccer from 5-7pm, so … Continued

Food for Hydration

Yes it’s summer, so yes, we will discuss hydration again. It’s simple: a well-hydrated athlete feels better, plays better, and thinks better. And while it may seem simple and common sense that players must drink fluids, especially during the summer … Continued

Power Ice: The Science of Frozen

Power Ice…an “electrolyte ice bar?” Sounds interesting…I came across the Power Ice bar a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a try. It makes sense, cooling the athlete’s body core temperature before, during and after exercise while … Continued