Doctor Jacq’s Pre-Game Chicken Chow Mein

Talk about a great 30 minute meal! My daughter and I were by ourselves for 2 weeks this summer (the boys were away at hockey camp), and she asked to if we could go out for Asian food. She loves … Continued

Whoo hoo! Doctor Jacq’s 100th Blog!

I started writing this Blog last October, and to be honest with you, I had NO idea what to expect. One hundred blogs later, I must say, it’s been a lot more fun than I had envisioned. Yes, there’s research and writing … Continued

Nutrition Bars: Health or Hype, Part 2

Last week we discussed nutrition bars, and we talked about what to look for in a good quality nutrition/sports bar. Today I’ll go over some of my favorites: 100% Natural Zing Nutrition Bar Zing claims to have a proper balance of … Continued

Nutrition Bars: Health or Hype?

We all have busy lives, and the emergence of nutrition bars seems to have been the answer to our prayers. I must admit, I have bars with me AT ALL TIMES…in my purse, gym bag, backpack, work locker. They have … Continued

Fish and The Mercury Dilemma

We have heard about the health benefits of fish and we know they are packed with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins and lean protein. But what about the mercury? What exactly is it and how does it affect … Continued

How to Crush Your Bad Food Cravings!

OK, we all have it…that uncontrollable craving for a salty chip, a sweet piece of chocolate, or a creamy piece of cheesecake. We all have what I call the “wicked hours,” those hours when it becomes VERY difficult to say … Continued