Don’t miss this workshop: Fuel for the Young Athlete

Do you Have Young Athletes? Do They Know WHAT  and WHEN to eat/drink to improve athletic performance? Does You Athlete Need More Protein? What Is The Most Important Meal for an Athlete? Doctor Jacq can answer these questions and many more! … Continued

Half-time Snacks: Beyond The Orange Slice

Half-time snacks…Fruit, fruit, fruit…right? Orange slices have been associated with halftime during soccer and football games for many years. We have all been handed the “snack signup sheet,” and for half-time snacks, there’s never been a question; fruit is best. … Continued

Dinner Tonight: Caprese Paninis

I was in the garage the other day, looking for a platter, and what do I find? My panini maker! I LOVED that thing when we lived in Chicago, and I must admit I haven’t seen it in a long … Continued

Feeding the Team? Winning Team Meals

Are you a team mom (or dad)? Snack/meal mom (or dad)? Well, this one’s for YOU! It’s that time of year…school is back in session, and sports teams are enthusiastically practicing and gearing up for a successful season. I’ve written … Continued

Sore Muscles…Could It Be Rhabdo?

Last year I had a patient in the hospital with a story like this: 15 year old football player, beginning of the pre season, hadn’t trained much during the early summer months and now training twice a day in the … Continued

Avocados for Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner!

Avocados for breakfast, lunch and dinner…why not? OK, I’ve heard this time and time again…”avocados are my favorite, and really the one thing I could not live without!” I too feel very strongly about my avocados, so I thought I … Continued