While You’re Out: The Flame Broiler

I’ve talked a lot about making sure you’re prepared and I have encouraged you to cook as much as possible. But let’s face it, life can be CRAZY, even for the stay at home mom! (I venture to say ESPECIALLY … Continued

Food Trends for 2015: Part 3 (The Final Chapter!)

Today we complete our series on “Food Trends for 2015″ with the “Low Sugar” trend, Sports Nutrition (near and dear to my heart!), and functional foods…thank you Tiffani one last time! Low SUGAR, not Low Fat (in collaboration with Tiffani … Continued

Food Trends for 2015: Part 2

We continue our review of Food Trends for 2015…today we talk about Cleanses/Detox, Probiotics, Healthy Fats and Everything Coconut! Again, thank you to Tiffani Ghere for your contributions. DETOX/CLEANSES: Have you have ever done a detox or cleanse? Well, I … Continued

Food Trends for 2015: Part 1

A few weeks ago, I was asked, along with my friend and colleague Tiffani Ghere (Registered Dietitian at CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital), to speak to a group of women about the “Food Trends for 2015.” We jumped at the … Continued

Fall Superfoods

It’s Fall! Or is it?! It reached 100 degrees F today here in Southern California, but this too shall pass! My daughter and I are getting ready to visit my sister in Chicago (where real Fall is in full swing!) … Continued