Turkey Leftovers: Turkey-Pasta Soup!

Ahhh…the Holidays are finally here, and the best part of Thanksgiving dinner…LEFTOVERS! I honestly could skip the mega long day on Thursday and go straight to Friday after Thanksgiving! One of my favorite things to make with leftover turkey is … Continued

Have You Heard of Drip Drop?

I’m always looking for better hydration options, for both my young patients and my young athletes. I came across Drip Drop a couple of weeks ago at the American Academy of Pediatrics Conference here in San Diego. I saw the … Continued

The Skinny Athlete: Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

I hear this AT LEAST a few times a week: “My son/daughter needs to gain 5-10 pounds of lean muscle weight…can you help?” It’s so important for young athletes to eat plenty of calories; not only are they playing sports, … Continued

Team Meal of the Month: Crock Pot Tortilla Soup

It’s that time of year, and even though it’s still warm where we live…it’s Crock Pot Season! It’s the most, wonderful time…of the year! (can you hear the song?) Sports are in full swing, and with the time change and … Continued

Don’t Like Oatmeal? No Problem!

We’ve heard about the health benefits of oats; they’re loaded with fiber and have a range of cholesterol-lowering properties. But let’s face it: oatmeal is not the prettiest to look at, and the mushy texture can turn off even a … Continued