10 Grab-and-Go High Protein Snacks

I talk to my teams over and over again about the importance of protein in their diet. Athletes need protein for muscle growth and repair, and yes, they require a little more than the average child or teenager. However, it … Continued

Easy Weeknight Meal: The One-Pot Pasta Dish

Looking for something quick and easy to make tonight? Love this recipe! Adapted from Cooking Light, this is a one-pot dish sure to please everyone in the family! Best part: easy cleanup! The pasta is actually cooked in the sauce, … Continued

Measles: What Every Parent Needs to Know

We are living in the midst of a measles epidemic here in California, with more than 59 cases of measles reported in our state alone since the end of 2014 and 42 cases directly linked to an initial exposure at … Continued