5 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets for College Healthy Eating!

food_prep_and_cooking-450x300It’s that time of year- summer is in full swing, and many of you are getting your kids ready to head off to college. You’ve all heard (or experienced) the “freshmen 15,” and with many of your kids playing sports in college, it’s important to come well equipped. We buy them bedding, jeans, snow boots and posters (do they still buy posters?!), but kitchen gadgets are just as important when it comes to helping kids eat (somewhat) healthy during these early college years, the “dorm years.”

So here are a few things to help your college freshmen stay on track with their nutrition:

  • Oster MyBlend Personal Blender ($29.99, Amazon) – this very colorful personal blender thmixes your fruits and veggies right in a sports bottle so kids can grab them on their way to class, or bring them to practice. Fun colors too! Find it on >>>
  • Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker ($24.00, Amazon)– I Hamilton-Beach-Breakfast-Sandwich-Makerwrote a product review on this back in January, so read HERE for more details. This cool little gadget can make you a great breakfast sandwich in under 5 minutes! All you need is an English muffin (or bread, or even pancakes!), an egg, cheese and Canadian bacon and voila! Ready to go in 5 minutes and much better for you than the frozen kind; can’t beat that!
  • BPA-Free Fasta Pasta Microwave Pasta Cooker ($16.00, Amazon)- This clever and handy $_35gadget helps students cook perfect pasta in their dorm microwave in 5 minutes! There’s also a cookbook, Use Your Noodle, with recipes for pastas, soups, cakes, casseroles and more in minutes!
  • The Retro 3-in-1 Breakfast Station ($41.97, Amazon) OK, this one is 05f99b39c525d48d3855f0410545eee0just COOL! This little contraption allows you to make hot and delicious breakfasts AND coffee all in one place! It includes a toaster oven (think bagels, bread), a small griddle for making mini pancakes or eggs, and a 4-cup coffee maker to brew fresh coffee at the same time! 
  • Avanti Mini Kitchen Bake/Broil Plus 2 Burners ($117.99, Appliances Connection)- This one is for the serious college cook (haha, is thereimages such a thing?). It’s an amazingly compact kitchen appliance, perfect for the college dorm. Bake while cooking veggies or other healthy side dishes on the 2 top burners. Got everything you need with this one!

Of course, your college student will benefit from a little guidance and 226834-3-1inspiration, and one of my favorites is The Healthy College Cookbook ($15.00m Amazon) – This book has 100 recipes and focuses on the Holy Trinity of college eating- Quick. Cheap. Easy. Recipes include smoothie creations, pizzas, salads and veggie side dishes.

With these healthy eating kitchen essentials, your son/daughter will be ready to succeed, in and out of the classroom! Good luck to all who are college-bound!




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