Now This is MY Kind of Mac and Cheese!

As a parent of two young athletes, I’m always looking for kid-friendly, healthier alternatives for lunches and dinners. I tried this recipe last week, and it was a huge hit! My daughter said it was “her new favorite!” They never … Continued

Nutrition Labels: What Does It All Mean? Part 2

Here is part 2 of “Reading Nutrition Labels.” If you missed part 1, click HERE. SUGARS: one of the biggest drawbacks of our current labeling system is that labels do not differentiate between naturally occurring sugars and added sugars. Naturally occurring … Continued

Nutrition Labels: What Does It All Mean? Part 1

I have spent countless hours at the grocery store researching products, trying to find what’s best. You can read my “Navigating the Grocery Store Aisles” HERE and HERE.  Today I want to talk about something I think is essential when trying to … Continued

Have You Ever Had Toasted Ravioli? Not Like This!

Have you ever had toasted ravioli? It’s a St Louis original, and I had  my share of delicious raviolis while I attended college there. Traditional toasted ravioli is breaded and deep fried, making it delicious but in my mind for … Continued

Because We All Love A Little Something Sweet…

Let’s face it, we all love a little something sweet at the end of a meal, but when we’re talking about young athletes in training, things are different. I was recently asked if I could give ideas for “healthy desserts” … Continued

Say “Hello” to Hello Fresh!

I love to cook…I’ve been cooking with my mother since I was a child in Puerto Rico, and truly enjoy the process of making beautiful meals for friends and family. It is my “relaxing time”, some “French Cafe” Pandora music … Continued

The New and Improved Orange Chicken Stir-Fry

Last night I spoke to one of my teams and we were discussing the best (and worst) choices at some of their favorite fast food places. Chinese food is always a favorite among teenagers, but our fast food choices were … Continued

Energize Yourself with Food!

It’s mid month in January, we all resolved to eat better and exercise, but it seems like the Holidays never officially ended. You’re not alone, and it’s time to really commit.  Remember, SMALL changes can have BIG impact! Today I … Continued