Say “Hello” to Hello Fresh!

I love to cook…I’ve been cooking with my mother since I was a child in Puerto Rico, and truly enjoy the process of making beautiful meals for friends and family. It is my “relaxing time”, some “French Cafe” Pandora music … Continued

Have You Heard of Drip Drop?

I’m always looking for better hydration options, for both my young patients and my young athletes. I came across Drip Drop a couple of weeks ago at the American Academy of Pediatrics Conference here in San Diego. I saw the … Continued

While You’re Out: The Flame Broiler

I’ve talked a lot about making sure you’re prepared and I have encouraged you to cook as much as possible. But let’s face it, life can be CRAZY, even for the stay at home mom! (I venture to say ESPECIALLY … Continued

Nutrition Bars: Health or Hype, Part 2

Last week we discussed nutrition bars, and we talked about what to look for in a good quality nutrition/sports bar. Today I’ll go over some of my favorites: 100% Natural Zing Nutrition Bar Zing claims to have a proper balance of … Continued

Eating Out? Eat HealthyOut!

We know it’s challenging to find places that provide fast, affordable, healthy foods, so I’ve always encouraged parents to cook more at home. But let’s face it, Johnny has lacrosse practice from 3-5pm and Jamie has soccer from 5-7pm, so … Continued

Power Ice: The Science of Frozen

Power Ice…an “electrolyte ice bar?” Sounds interesting…I came across the Power Ice bar a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a try. It makes sense, cooling the athlete’s body core temperature before, during and after exercise while … Continued

Kind Bars- Be Kind to Yourself and the World

I love KIND bars; I’ve been eating them for years, and when I decided to write a review and looked into the company, I was even happier! The company has a clear message of kindness and social responsibility. The company … Continued