10 Grab-and-Go High Protein Snacks

I talk to my teams over and over again about the importance of protein in their diet. Athletes need protein for muscle growth and repair, and yes, they require a little more than the average child or teenager. However, it … Continued

The Paleo Diet: Is It Right for Young Athletes?

There’s been a lot of buzz over the Paleo Diet, based on the premise that people should eat like our ancestors ate during the Paleolithic Era thousands of years ago. The diet emphasizes lean meats, seafood and eggs, fresh fruits … Continued

Energize Yourself with Food!

It’s mid month in January, we all resolved to eat better and exercise, but it seems like the Holidays never officially ended. You’re not alone, and it’s time to really commit.  Remember, SMALL changes can have BIG impact! Today I … Continued

Creatine: To Use or Not to Use

I recently spoke to one of the teams I coach about supplements and there was A LOT of interest in the use of Creatine. Below is a summary of the key points of my talk. What are Ergogenic Drugs Ergogenic … Continued

Have You Heard of Drip Drop?

I’m always looking for better hydration options, for both my young patients and my young athletes. I came across Drip Drop a couple of weeks ago at the American Academy of Pediatrics Conference here in San Diego. I saw the … Continued

The Skinny Athlete: Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

I hear this AT LEAST a few times a week: “My son/daughter needs to gain 5-10 pounds of lean muscle weight…can you help?” It’s so important for young athletes to eat plenty of calories; not only are they playing sports, … Continued