Half-time Snacks: Beyond The Orange Slice

Half-time snacks…Fruit, fruit, fruit…right? Orange slices have been associated with halftime during soccer and football games for many years. We have all been handed the “snack signup sheet,” and for half-time snacks, there’s never been a question; fruit is best. … Continued

Feeding the Team? Winning Team Meals

Are you a team mom (or dad)? Snack/meal mom (or dad)? Well, this one’s for YOU! It’s that time of year…school is back in session, and sports teams are enthusiastically practicing and gearing up for a successful season. I’ve written … Continued

Doctor Jacq’s Pre-Game Chicken Chow Mein

Talk about a great 30 minute meal! My daughter and I were by ourselves for 2 weeks this summer (the boys were away at hockey camp), and she asked to if we could go out for Asian food. She loves … Continued

Nutrition Bars: Health or Hype, Part 2

Last week we discussed nutrition bars, and we talked about what to look for in a good quality nutrition/sports bar. Today I’ll go over some of my favorites: 100% Natural Zing Nutrition Bar Zing claims to have a proper balance of … Continued

Nutrition Bars: Health or Hype?

We all have busy lives, and the emergence of nutrition bars seems to have been the answer to our prayers. I must admit, I have bars with me AT ALL TIMES…in my purse, gym bag, backpack, work locker. They have … Continued

Chocolate Milk in Sports Nutrition; Yes Please!

Ahh, chocolate milk…cold, creamy, delicious and chocolate…a childhood staple. Chocolate milk has gotten a bad rap in the past few years and has even been blamed in part for the childhood obesity epidemic, prompting legislation to remove chocolate milks from … Continued