Have You Heard of Drip Drop?

imagesI’m always looking for better hydration options, for both my young patients and my young athletes. I came across Drip Drop a couple of weeks ago at the American Academy of Pediatrics Conference here in San Diego. I saw the booth and was immediately attracted to it…the sign said “Drip Drop: Elite Hydration Science.” And then I heard the story…

As a medical student, Dr. Eduardo Dolhun witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of dehydration in children while on a medical mission in Guatemala. He witnessed how oral rehydration solutions literally saved the lives of countless children and adults without access to hospitals and IV fluids. These “Oral Rehydrating Solutions,” or ORS, save millions of lives worldwide each year. By 2010, Dr. Dolhun had perfected his formula for Drip Drop, the first ORS to combine medical grade rehydration with excellent taste. At the same time, in the era of health care “responsibility” and aiming to decrease health care costs, ORS have been encouraged as an alternative to expensive IV Fluids in health care centers for mild to moderate dehydration.

  • Drip Drop in Pediatrics

According to the website, the “breakthrough” Drip Drop offers is a better tasting alternative to existing ORS with much faster absorption. Drip Drop contains adequate amounts of sodium, potassium, magnesium, sugar and water. Drip Drop comes in powder form, easy to transport and store, and it just needs to be mixed with water. What this means is that when your toddler starts throwing up in the middle of the night (why do these things always happen at night or on the weekends?) you have a product that is easy to use, readily available, and most importantly, tastes great so your child will actually drink it! Other ORS on the market taste pretty salty, and even dehydrated children (especially preschool and school-age children) have a hard time getting past the taste.

According to the website, “DripDrop contains a balanced amount of electrolytes (Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Chloride, Magnesium Citrate, Zinc Aspartate) and sugars (sucrose, fructose, dextrose and sucralose) to provide an efficient rehydration treatment.” DripDrop does not contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. The only artificial ingredient is sucralose, and while I’m not thrilled about it, it is considered to be safe (and much better than aspartame!) by the FDA, the European Food Safety Authority, Health Canada, and the World Health Organization.

  • How to Prepare Drip Drop

It’s Easy! Package sizes vary, but

    • 10 grams of powder reconstitutes in 8 oz of water
    • 21 grams of powder reconstitutes in 16 oz of water
  • Where to Find Drip Drop
    • Drip Drop can be found at Walgreens, CVS, Longs Pharmacy, Amazon.com and their website, DripDrop.com
  • Drip Drop for Young Athletes

Of course I have a special interest in hydration for young athletes…fluid is THE MOST important nutrient for athletes. The bottom line is that well hydrated athletes feel better and perform better. Sadly, heat related illnesses are the second most common sports injury and they’re TOTALLY PREVENTABLE! However, there are also many studies showing that children, and even teens, will drink more when the drink is colored and flavored.

Is Drip Drop really better?

Some recent studies show that Drip Drop is superior to current sports drinks. In a 2013 rehydration study by Singapore’s DSO National Laboratories, nine athletes performed 3 intense cycling time trials and hydrated with a different beverage each time – tap water, a sports drink and DripDrop. The findings showed that DripDrop hydrated more effectively: 34% more than plain water and 20% more than the sports drink; and that DripDrop contains 2-3 times the electrolytes and half the calories of most sports drinks on the market.

And the taste? Well, all I can say is my son and a few of his teammates tried both lemon and berry flavors, and they LOVED them! I also had them taste a couple of other sports drinks and oral rehydration solutions and they all chose Drip Drop; not a scientific study, but if it helps them drink more, that’s good enough for me!

For more information on Drip Drop, go to http://dripdrop.com/

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