Doctor Jacq on The Biz Chix Podcast



A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Natalie Eckdahl, co-founder of the BizChix Podcast, where she “interviews Successful Female Entrepreneurs (along with a few special Dudes) about their entrepreneurial journey and how they are balancing work, life and other passions!” It was so much fun!  Check it out and get answers to the questions YOU have been asking:

  • What inspired you to start this Nutrition business outside of your normal duties as a pediatrician?
  • What do you recommend for post-game snacks?
  • What are some of the nutritional needs specific to young athletes?
  • What’s more important for a young athlete: carbohydrates or protein?
  • How can a busy mom get healthy meals on the table? What are some of your Tips/Tricks?
  • How do you make healthy choices when you are out at a restaurant?

These and many more questions are answered on The Biz Chix Podcast with Doctor Jacq!

Check it out here Doctor Jacq on BizChix

Hope you have a great week! For more information on The Biz Chix, go to

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