While You’re Out: The Flame Broiler

imagesI’ve talked a lot about making sure you’re prepared and I have encouraged you to cook as much as possible. But let’s face it, life can be CRAZY, even for the stay at home mom! (I venture to say ESPECIALLY for the stay at home mom!); between school carpool, kid’s activities, house chores, and making dinner for the family, I find myself out of the house and looking for a decent place to have lunch more often than once in a great while…

But it’s scary out there…fast food places have been deemed downright “dangerous,” with questionable sources of meat, chicken and a lack of fruits and vegetables (sorry guys, fries are NOT considered a vegetable!) So what do we do? I have personally found a new favorite: FLAME BROILER.

According to the website, “Young Lee, who had recently graduated from UCLA with a degree economics, had joined the workforce and often found himself on the road. However, he discovered that restaurants serving healthy meals were few and far in between. Entrepreneurial in nature, in 1995 he opened the first restaurant in Orange County that served simple, healthy fast food. What better way to solve a problem than to solve it yourself?”

At The Flame Broiler, you get delicious, low-fat, no frying, no skin, no MSG food, all served with one-of-a-kind delicious sauce. Flame Broiler is a healthy, quick service Asian-style restaurant, “serving the public with health in mind.” And with 162 locations so far, there’s probably one near you!
What I like about Flame Broiler is that there are several options for healthy dishes which include whole grains, lean protein and veggies, even for those with bigger appetites. MY FAVORITE: mini chicken bowl with veggies (I request all white meat) with brown rice and steamed veggies (carrots, cabbage and broccoli) and a sprinkle of green onions. Yum! It’s prepared fresh at the time of order, and very filling with 370 calories, 2.5 grams of saturated fat, 27 grams of protein and only 210 mg of sodium, which is AMAZING for a fast food restaurant!
Even the full “Bowls,” for those needing extra calories, (or extra food! Think teenagers!) are very decent. The “Works,” which includes chicken and marinated beef served together over rice (always ask for brown!) and steamed veggies has 470 calories, 3 grams of saturated fat, 50 grams of protein (PLENTY!) and 1 cup of veggies with under 500 mg of sodium! Winner!
For more information and locations near you, check out HealthyDiningFinder/FlameBroiler or the FlameBroiler website for more details.
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