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thI’m not sure if I’ve ever shared with you the story of how I became interested in sports nutrition for young athletes. Well, about 2 years ago, a friend’s daughter, Kaylee Karsh, a super motivated kid playing high level club soccer asked me what she should be eating and when she should be eating while playing soccer. I’ve always been interested in nutrition and I worked on a few obesity prevention and intervention programs based in the public schools in the past. Yet, I must admit doctors don’t have a great understanding of nutrition and the important role it plays in our overall health and we certainly didn’t learn anything about eating while playing sports. I think I had one Nutrition class in all 4 years of medical school and 3 years of residency and it was mostly based on biochemistry.

So when Kaylee asked me, I thought to myself…”well, I can probably come up with something and be done with it, or I can seriously look into it.”  The “I’ll look into it” translated into researching the subject for almost a year, and understanding the nuances of playing sports while still growing and developing. The nutritional needs of these young athletes are certainly different than those of adults or even kids who don’t play sports.

I came up with a Power Point presentation I did for Kaylee’s team, and then again for about 10-15 other teams before deciding I REALLY enjoy working with young athletes and their parents. When I noticed that after each 45-minute presentation there were at least another 45 minutes of questions I realized parents (and athletes!) want to know more! So I cut back my hours at the hospital and I decided to really dedicate some time and energy to this project.

After speaking for a while, I realized teams have head coaches and assistant coaches and offensive coaches and defensive coaches…they need a Nutrition Coach!

I have spoken to thousands of athletes and parents in the Orange County, CA area and would love to come speak to YOUR team!


Get the NUTRITION EDGE with Doctor Jacq




Do You Have Young Athletes? Do They Know What to Eat/Drink to Improve Athletic Performance? What Nutrition Habits are Sabotaging their Training? Does Your Athlete Need More Protein? Is Gatorade OK?

  • Doctor Jacq can answer all these questions and many more!
  • Doctor Jacq helps teams understand the WHAT, WHEN and WHY of eating, drinking and resting for sports. Better understanding of what and when to eat/drink provides what we call the Nutrition Edge. The NUTRITION EDGE is KEY to improving focus and concentration all while increasing stamina and muscle performance
  • Invite Doctor Jacq to speak to your team in order to learn all the important aspects of Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes
  • This 45 minute presentation, plus Q & A session, is designed for parents, coaches and athletes of all ages to reinforce the special nutritional needs of young athletes. Talks are developed specifically for your child’s sport.
  • You can also follow my Blog at and my Facebook page for great info on sports nutrition, pediatric nutrition, food, party ideas and general pediatrics.

Feel free to contact me at for more information, and I hope to become YOUR team’s Nutrition Coach!

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