A Coconut Water-Based Natural Sports Drink? “Greater>Than” is the correct answer

Product Review of the Month: GREATER>THAN


We’ve discussed sports drinks and hydration before (check out all the details here http://doctorjacq.com/hydration-sports-much-keeping-kids-hydrated/), so today I decide to pay closer attention to a newer, up and coming coconut water-based all natural sports drink: Greater>Than. I have discussed coconut water and its amazing rehydrating properties; naturally rich in electrolytes, low in calories and with a low glycemic index, it has been marketed as “nature’s sports drink.” But a true “sports drink” should contain 6-8% carbohydrate solution with 50 mg/100ml sodium and smaller amounts of chloride and potassium, which plain coconut water doesn’t quite satisfy. But a coconut water-based sports drink? Brilliant!


Greater>Than fulfills all requirements for carbohydrates, sodium and potassium necessary in a sports drink. It is low calorie, at 30 calories per 8oz serving, and low in sugar, with 7 grams per serving. It is naturally flavored and colored. Coconut water, sodium and potassium are the active ingredients. Other ingredients include beet sugar, glucose, natural flavors, lactic acid, sea salt, vegetable juice, malic acid and stevia. Greater>Than comes in 5 flavors: Original, Grape (my son’s personal favorite!), tropical, berry blue, and orange-mango. My son (like the founders of Greater>Than), does NOT like coconut water (even though it saddens me as my favorite memories of growing up in Puerto Rico were of my grandfather, Ito, with his machete chopping off the tops of coconuts for us to drink). But I have to say the taste of this product is very unique; a mellow coconut water flavor with hints of grape, berry or tropical fruits- very drinkable!


Greater>Than was founded in 2010 by brothers Mark and Jon Sider; young, cool, health conscious athletes looking for a better sports drink. They decided on a a fresh, fun, marketing campaign, attracting some big names from the Chicago sports world. The Sider brothers started selling Greater>Than at local independent retailers but are currently distributing the drink to sports training facilities and larger grocers in the greater Chicago area (my old hometown!). Each 20 ounce bottle costs anywhere from $1.99 to $2.50. Unfortunately for us in California, and most parts of the country, Greater>Than is only available online through Amazon. But this company is growing rapidly, so go to their website http://drinkgt.com/ and look under the “Buy” tab and check your zip code for stores that carry it near you!

So next time your kid tells you he/she doesn’t “like” water, you can feel good about giving them Greater>Than!


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