Product Review: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker


I don’t know about you, but weekday mornings are complete chaos at our house. Our daughter is up at 4:40am, skates for a couple of hours before school. We get back home around 7:00am and have to be out the door by 7:20am! In 20 minutes she has to change clothes and eat breakfast!

That’s why when my friend suggested I take a look at the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker I said of course! She bought it for her daughter for Christmas and has been very happy with it. I’m always a proponent of anything that will help people cook food at home and skip the drive-thru.

The concept is simple; this little gadget will cook your breakfast sandwich in under 5 minutes! Simply place your english muffin, bagel, even a croissant and layer the ham, bacon, sausage and cheese. Close the compartment and then add your egg to the cooking plate and top with the other muffin half. That’s it! In less than 5 minutes, voila! Hot, yummy made-to-order breakfast sandwich! We made one this morning and my daughter said it tasted MUCH better than the frozen ones I buy her now.







I found the Sandwich Maker on Amazon for $24.99 and as far as kitchen gadgets go, it’s nice and small! It has excellent customer reviews, and there’s even a cookbook you can buy, The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich: 35 Breakfast Sandwiches You can Make at Home with a Breakfast Sandwich Maker on Amazon, for $9.87. It has recipes using bagels, biscuits, sandwich thins…even pancakes!

So a small kitchen gadget at a very reasonable price perfect for college students, busy moms or people on the go! A few Tips for best results from the manufacturer:

  • Make sure unit is Preheated
  • ALWAYS use non-stick cooking spray
  • DO NOT overfill sandwich maker
  • DO NOT use store-bought egg whites (fresh OK)
  • DO NOT push lid down on unit. It is intended to “float” on the bread. It will rise as egg cooks.
  • Trim cheese slice to fit to avoid mess


Find this cool kitchen tool, the Breakfast Sandwich Maker and I hope your mornings are a little easier!



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  1. jodi

    Looks delicious! Great morning tip. Thanks Doctor Jacq!!!!!

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