Our Big Shoedog Adventure at the Road Runner Sports


This is our running shoe story…My daughter Megan (13 year old figure skater) and I were in Phoenix for my son’s hockey tournament and went shopping for new athletic shoes. Megan had decided to try out for the track and field team at school, so she needed new shoes. We looked for awhile, she tried on a few and fell in love with a pair of Nike shoes. My brother is an avid runner and I mentioned to her that he always said Nike doesn’t make the best running shoe, and she said “but mom, they’re soooo cute!” So $108 later, we left the store.

A week later Megan comes home from her first track and field practice and tells me her foot hurts, her ankle hurts, and her coach said her shoes had no support and she needs to get new ones. Really?! Didn’t see that coming!!! (sarcasm, sarcasm). I smiled and said to her “OK, this time we will do it my way.” So we were off to the Road Runner Sports store.

The “Shoedog Experience” at Road Runner Sports promises to find the right fit for each person. We were greeted at the door and after a brief wait she was off to her Shoedog Experience. The process has 4 steps:

Step 1: John, our FitExpert, asked Megan several questions to get to know her running/exercising habits and did some basic size measurements.


Step 2: Next he had her step on the “magic pad” in order to get a 3D measurement of her step and evaluate how balanced her feet are and determine the amount of arch support needed.


Step 3: The “Fun Run.” While they video, Megan ran on the treadmill and the FitExpert reviewed the slow motion video with her and paid close attention to her ankle and foot imbalances.


Step 4: Fine tune the fit. She stepped in a big comfy cushion and the FitExpert helped to mold her own personal insole. This helps to avoid imbalances and keep you feeling great and running injury-free! This was by far her favorite part!


After the evaluation was completed, they took her over to the shoeRoadRunnerShoeWall department (they have A LOT of shoes!) and the FitExpert brought out several pairs of shoes that met all the criteria, including, of course, cuteness! She tried on a few pairs and was able to go back to the treadmill for a light jog and get a feel for them. They were ALL so much better than what she had before, but she made her final decision…drumroll please…these are it! Saucony Guide 7s!


All in all, the process was Fantastic! Service was great,  Fit Experts were extremely knowledgeable, and we ended up leaving the place happy and ready to run! With our VIP discount (free club membership program), we got shoes (and socks!) for under $100! For more information, go to https://www.roadrunnersports.com/

* I was not compensated in any way by Road Runner Sports; we loved the experience so I thought I would share it! Happy shoe shopping!

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