Nutrition Coach for Young Athletes

Speaking Engagements: Helping Kids Eat Like Athletes

As Orange County’s leading Nutrition Coach for children and young athletes, Doctor Jacq has always had a passion for Pediatrics & Sports Nutrition. Over the years, she has gathered the knowledge, skills, and expertise to teach young athletes how to eat healthy, even with busy schedules.

Doctor Jacq’s speaking engagements educate children, as well as their parents and coaches, about the importance of eating the right foods – at the right time. Learn what to buy at the store, how to prepare it, and when you should eat it. Young athletes will walk away with the comprehensive knowledge to make healthier decisions, resulting in better performance on the field, on the court, in the swimming pool, and beyond.

Invite Doctor Jacq to speak to your team after practice and learn all the important aspects of Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes. Contact Doctor Jacq here.

Cooking Classes for Individuals and Sports Teams in Orange County

Doctor Jacq wants to become your team’s Nutrition Coach – firsthand. Offering team-cooking classes in Orange County, Doctor Jacq will take your team to the next level.

Invite Doctor Jacq into your kitchen, where she’ll educate your team about food buying, food preparation, and tips to stay on track with healthy eating. She’ll even cater your next “pre-game meal”, or you can prepare “snack packs “ for your upcoming tournament! Stay healthy, avoid injuries, and perform your very best with the help of Doctor Jacq.

Team Nutrition Coaching

Teams have head and assistant coaches, offensive and defensive coaches…teams NEED a Nutrition Coach! Doctor Jacq can help your entire team achieve elite level of competition with continuous support in sports nutrition coaching. She will meet with the team regularly starting in the pre season and set goals, educate players, parents and coaches in the do’s and don’ts of eating for sports, and provide additional information and recipes. She will also send reminders prior to each game with a nutrition/hydration plan based on game times.