Whoo hoo! Doctor Jacq’s 100th Blog!

untitled (2)I started writing this Blog last October, and to be honest with you, I had NO idea what to expect. One hundred blogs later, I must say, it’s been a lot more fun than I had envisioned. Yes, there’s research and writing (mostly done during my very early mornings at the skating rink), but I have found a new love for sharing knowledge and interacting with readers. But did you know what else Doctor Jacq can do for your young athlete and his/her team? I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you my “team services” as a Nutrition Coach for Young Athletes:

  • Invite Doctor Jacq to Speak to Your Team! Fuel for the Young Athlete Presentation

I can help your team understand the What, When and Why of eating, drinking and resting for sports. Each age group and type of sport can have unique requirements. Better understanding of what to eat/drink and when to eat/drink provides what I like to call the Nutrition Edge. The Nutrition Edge is the KEY to improving focus & concentration while increasing stamina and muscle performance. Combined with game strategy, conditioning and skill development, your team will experience the difference between being PLAYERS and being WINNERS!

Invite Doctor Jacq to speak to your team after the next practice or rehearsal (all sports, youth groups and dance clubs, ages 8-18), and learn all the important aspects of sports nutrition for young athletes.

  • Nutrition 101 For Teens Presentation

I was asked by one of our local high schools to develop and teach “Nutrition101″ for the freshman Health class at the school. While it was fun, it was also exhausting (I had to teach the same class 6 times!) and I gained a new respect for teachers. Read my blog, My Day as a Teacher. The class got great reviews, as it combined basic knowledge of nutrition (carbs, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals) in an interactive way (I have a big table full of food and they come up and identify healthy carbs, plant based proteins, unsaturated fats). The second half of the talk deals with teen life; how to make healthier choices at the mall food court, the movies, and even Starbucks! I have them guess the calories, fats and sugars of some of their favorite foods and then offer more reasonable options. If you know of a group that could use this information, have them contact me!

  • Team Coaching: Doctor Jacq as Your Team’s Nutrition Coach

There is a direct correlation between a team’s success on the field (or pool, or rink) and the quality of the food that fuels their bodies. Teams have head coaches, assistant coaches, offensive and defensive coaches and conditioning coaches… Teams NEED a Nutrition Coach to help reach that elite level of performance! I will teach your team about the Nutrition Edge, and by meeting with them regularly, we can discuss all aspects of food as fuel, what they eat, how much and when they’re eating, and how to make small changes that will get them to that next level of competition.

As your team’s Nutrition Coach, I will

  1. offer my Sports Nutrition presentation, “Fuel for the Young Athlete,” to players and parents
  2. provide written information for parents and players following the presentation with the do’s and don’ts of eating for sports
  3. provide content on sports nutrition for the school/team’s website
  4. be a resource to the Booster Club parents
  5. provide a monthly column for the school’s/team’s Newsletter with tips and recipes
  6. reinforce learning through my website and Blog, at doctorjacq.com
  7. meet with teams on a monthly basis to discuss specific nutrition topics, food diaries, and how to fuel an athlete’s body starting with the pre-season all the way to the Finals!
  8. send email reminders before games/tournaments with an eating/hydration schedule based on game times. I will also provide healthy restaurant recommendations for away games.
  9. Team cooking classes/catering/”snack pack” assembly available for an additional fee.

I have enjoyed being away from the hospital for a little while, and love being “Doctor Jacq.” It’s been very rewarding to get to know the teams and watch them succeed, and I hope to continue on this path for a long time. THANKS for you support of the last 100 Blogs, and I appreciate you sharing with friends who might be interested. If you’re not following me on social media yet, make sure you do! I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest! Have a great weekend! I’m off to write the next 100 Blogs!



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